Heart Space Cafe

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Heart Space Cafe!  Come join the conversation now at the HeartSpaceCafe BLOG.

I thought you might want to know the history of the Heart Space Cafe, and the vision that is informing its construction in its new internet format.

In 1990, I purchased an old Victorian house, a handyman special, with the vision of renovating it into both living space and healing space. The house would be the new home for my young body psychotherapy school, the Institute for Emotional-Kinesthetic Psychotherapy, as well as a personal home for me and several other people.

My vision for the house included having monthly gatherings where those of us who lived there could open our doors to the larger community. The Heart Space Cafe began as a monthly gathering, where people could gather for good food, good conversation, and heart-centered healing, should anyone wish or need it. We included some circle time each evening for a heart meditation, and an opportunity for each person who was present to share with the whole group heart-to-heart. After everyone had shared, we moved into healing time, much like what we include in the Healing the Traumatized Heart workshops I lead today.

I enjoyed hosting a gathering where people felt emotionally safe, welcome and able to speak and listen from the heart.

Over the past 17 years, the fabric of daily life has changed considerably. With all the demands in our "razybusy" lives, more and more social contact takes place over the internet. Many people I know who might love to come sit in a living room, and share food and conversation, just can' fit it in to their schedules nearly as often as they might like. I came to realize that many of the places I went to connect with like-minded and like-hearted others no longer existed including some of the holistic teaching centers I used to teach in, many of the conferences I used to present at or even attend.

So, as I reflected on how to connect with others and stay connected in this internet age, the idea of establishing a virtual Heart Space Cafe seemed like a natural evolution.

With the help of marketing consultant Trish Blain, webmaster Dan Murphy, computer consultant John VanRyn, and some other colleagues soon to be discovered, I am embarking on a mission of creating this new on-line version of the Heart Space Cafe. For sure, blog and forum capability will be built into this website to facilitate the exchange of ideas. And some of the questions I receive from people who have read my books, attended my workshops or simply find me through www.healingheartpower.com can be answered thoughtfully in a more public place.

I look forward to bringing you a meaningful, interactive forum through the Heart Space Cafe, where through both speaking and listening, you can both enrich and express your heart.

Linda Marks
Convener, www.heartspace.com


Linda Marks
Author, Healing the War Between the Genders: The Power of the Soul-Centered Relationship (HeartPower Press, 2004)